Planning/Negotiations Committee

Chair appointed by the President. Members are Officers of LION plus Chairs of all member Committees and the Immediate Past President.

Karen Roesler, (ME), Chair
Marian Amodeo, (HM),  President
Colleen Bailie, (WM), Vice President
Alice Pentz, (ST), Secretary
Bob Hull, (NB), Treasurer
Jane Fisher, (MA) Immediate Past President
Joe Farara, (LION), ex officio advisor
Andy Gardner, (LION), ex officio advisor
Nancy Bruckner, (NW) Chair Bib Committee
Bonny Albanese, (MA), Chair Circ Committee
Janet Flewellling, (WA), Chair LUX Committee
Deb Barberi, (MD), Chair eBook Development Committee
Lisa Timothy, (EL), (Strategic Planning)