Overdrive Policies

Reviewed, updated and approved by LION Board of Directors February 23, 2016

Borrowing Guidelines

Borrower Eligibility

Circulation is authenticated through Millennium/Sierra subject to these restrictions:

  • Patron CCARD is from a member library
  • Patron record is not past Expiry Date
  • Patron has fewer than 100 items charged (on Millennium/Sierra)
  • Patron owes less than $25 (on Millennium/Sierra)

Lending Periods

Patrons may select among 7, 10, and 14 days for both e-books and audiobooks. 14 days is the default.

Item Limits

Patrons may borrow up to 10 items combined (e-books and audiobooks) and have 10 holds combined (e-books and audiobooks). All item formats (Open ePub, Adobe ePub, Kindle, etc.) count toward this
limit, except those titles available via the Additional eBooks – Always Available button.


Patrons have 72 hours from when the e-mail was sent to borrow the item. If they are at the checkout
maximum, then they must return an item early in order to borrow the one on hold.

Early Returns

In most cases, patrons may return e-book and audiobooks early. Staff can assist with returns.


Patrons can renew e-books and audiobooks if there are no holds.


Overdrive Policies

Reviewed, updated and approved by LION Board of Directors June 23, 2015

Collection Development Guidelines


Audiobooks will be purchased in MP3 format. eBooks will be purchased in Kindle and ePub formats.
Other formats will be purchased on a case by case basis.


The cost of the Overdrive service and collection is shared by all LION member libraries as specified in
the Overdrive fee schedule set by the LION Board.

The total allocation for collection development is set annually by the LION Board. Each library’s share is
based on usage in the previous year.

The eBook Development Committee can submit for approval by the Board requests for special
appropriations as needed.

Sponsored Collections are available at the $500 minimum donation level. The home library of the
donor serves as the selector.

Collection Development and Purchasing

A committee of volunteers will make monthly selection lists of audio and eBook titles. The order is
generally submitted mid-month.

The collection will focus on materials published that appeal to a broad range of public library users of
all ages, including but not limited to:

  •  NYT best sellers
  • Major prize winners & popular award winning titles
  • Popular fiction and non-fiction authors
  • Books that turn into movies
  • Additional titles will be considered upon patron recommendation

Only unabridged items will be purchased.
Single copies of most titles will be purchased, unless the holds ratio is exceeded.
Pre-pub items can be purchased if the release date is in the same month.
A MARC record for each title will be loaded into the Millennium/Sierra catalog.

eBook Price Guidelines:

Maximum price of $65 for non-circulation-limited titles
Maximum price of $40 for circulation-limited titles


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